For women, breast cancer is a threat. However, sometimes the cancer cannot be avoided. Therefore, practical steps need to be taken and appropriate to prevent and treat breast cancer, which in some cases can take a staggering toll.

Awal Bros Hospital have a way to detect breast cancer early through a Mammography. Early detection of breast cancer is very important in order to carry out preventive measures and treatment. Mammography is very important and helps women to overcome breast cancer and the threat can be known in advance.

Breast cancer is known to be the cause of 1-3 % of death from cancer for women worldwide . But since mammography used as a method of screening, breast cancer death rate declined sharply to 20 % in the last couple of decades. Therefore to date, mammography screening is seen as an important basis to suppress the malignancy of breast cancer in the world .

In Indonesia , breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after cervical cancer . With the incidence of breast cancer is about 100 per 100,000 people per year , and more than 50 % are found in an advanced stage. ” Mammography is important to detect breast cancer in early stages. Mammography is one of these efforts, in addition to other methods , which are known to the BSE (Breast Self-Check) and a clinical examination by a physician, ” said Dr. Wim Panggarbesi , Spb ( K ) Onk , Awal Bros surgeon .

Mammography itself is very useful for finding very small lesions, up to 2 mm, which is not palpable in the clinical examination (usually smaller than 1 cm). With the screening program is expected to do basic checks mammography every 2-3 years for women over the age of 35-50 years, and every year or two for women aged over 50 years .

This basic inspection will provide preliminary data female breast tissue. When mammography routinely expected if there is little change from the breast tissue of women will be able to immediately known. Unfortunately, this mindset is not found in women generally. Almost all patients present with complaints of pain or lump. Low awareness is not just a check-up this time, mammography screening is seen as an important basis to suppress the malignancy of breast cancer in the world.

However, when compared to 10 years ago, breast cancer detection rate in Indonesia is increasing . Examination techniques are getting better and the discovery of new tools, including mammography, indeed affect this figure . However, the detection rate also increased due to increased breast cancer risk factor itself. Among these exogenous factors, such as lifestyle, diet, as well as endogenous factors, namely genetic. It is also the factor why after various developments in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, breast cancer incidence rates remain high in many countries.

From the above facts , a suggestion that routine mammography continues echoed in these countries . Of the existing data in various hospitals, enough cases of breast cancer detected through mammography. “Mammography is very useful, especially in cases whose tumors are not clinically palpable, ” says Wim. Therefore, do not let the women in this world would be overshadowed fears of breast or cervical cancer. Indonesian women’s quality of life must also be increased. Therefore, start it by prioritizing health, through early detection and screening.